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  1. My friend and I have just started training in Dallas for the 2014 TWS. We will be in the novice class paddling an old Penobscot. Should be an adventure! Reading the blog cracked me up- glad some other folks are having some “issues” like we are.

    • Hi Conor, glad to hear someone can relate. Hopefully we’ll all have (a lot of) the kinks worked out by June :) Good luck on your training!

  2. I’m a northeast marathon paddler so canoe racing in the west has always been something of a mystery. Looking forward to seeing the results of your training and how you do in the tws.

  3. Looking forward to hearing more of your stories. I have 2 tandem attempts and 1 solo attempt (2003, 2012 & 2013). I finished on one of the tandem attempts and came close last year in my first solo attempt (whoops). I have to get back in 2014 and get my solo finish and a 50% passing rate :-)

    Here’s the tracker map of my DNF from last year (keep your eye on the ball in the bay … )

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