First Texas Water Safari Training Trip 39

Shake Off the Stupid

I realize those who truly know my athletic prowess may be thinking, “Really Katie, Texas Water Safari…really.” I’ve always been friends with people who are naturally athletic. It’s really quite annoying. I try to act the part, but I would say the only activities that came natural to me are your common sports like basketball…

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Embrace the Absurdity

I recently spoke with Texas Water Safari veteran, Sam Ritchie. Sam was part of a six-man team that won the race three years in a row, and was kind enough to share some insider information with me. Again, everything mentioned here is an example of what has happened in the past and not intended to…

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It Builds Character

The craziest thing happened in Austin last weekend. No, it wasn’t ACL, that’s fairly common this time of year. It rained. Hard. A lot. So much so that day three of the aforementioned Austin City Limits festival was cancelled for the first time since the festival began in 2002. The National Weather Service said some…

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Something New

This past week we reached out to some Texas Water Safari alums to see what other things we might be overlooking. For starters, what a great group of people. Just hours after sending out requests to talk to people we received a lot of responses from those willing to talk more about their experiences as…

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